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  1. Minecraft Name BlackCatX Have you done any work for other servers? If so, what server and what did you do? I've helped in four servers; A Helper in a Pixelspark server where I helped with players, a Mod in a Towny server where I helped with plugins, I hosted a server once with my brother, and a Builder in a different Towny server. Why should we choose you to become Staff? I've been active on Kaos for years and I've introduced various players to the server, so I'd like to be able to help if there's a problem while there isn't staff online. How long have you played Minecraft Beta 1.8.1 What Staff experience do you have? On Kaos none, but I've been a Co-owner/Admin, Mod, Helper, and Builder before. Have you ever been Muted/Kicked/Banned for our servers? If so why? Not unless it was a joke, no. If a player is spamming in chat what should you do? Warn them. If they don't stop, mute them. How active will you be? Around 35-49+ hours/week.