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    • Damn now all the scrubs know what not to do and i wont get to ban as many people... this isn't fair 
    • Aww Branny bae you know I'd never do that
    • Minecraft Name BluGapplez   Have you done any work for other servers? If so, what server and what did you do? Served for nearly a year from Moderator to Administrator on KaosCraft before KaosReborn and Hub.
        Why should we choose you to become Staff? Honestly, I wish to do what I do best, no not "destroying servers", enforcing the rules and ensuring all is going well among the server and everyone Is having a good time enjoying a well put server. I notice many hardships this server and it's owner has gone through, I would be angered if I had gone through the same thing and would actually give up at that point, but the strength Kaos has is unbelievably amazing and would like to rejoin the team, although if this would be a problem, I shall gladly accept being a regular member of the server, I do hope I can be reconsidered and not seen as a monster, more of a "forgiven uncle" after "wronging a family".   How long have you played Minecraft Since Version 1.6.4.   What Staff experience do you have? I have experience in enforcing the rules and performing certain tasks with plugins, as well as ensuring peace in the server and chat is running smoothly.   Have you ever been Muted/Kicked/Banned for our servers? If so why? I have been banned for being associated with a traitorous superior who had destroyed the server alone, yet created another with help, I accept responsibility and am ashamed of the choice.   If a player is spamming in chat what should you do? Verbal/Command warn the player to stop spamming In chat, if the problem continues, a mute will be involved.   How active will you be? At least 2-3 because of education.
    • I will accept this application if you accept one terms and condition, is that you will be-have with posting stuff on the website and talking to people in game. Meaning no racism or disrespectful comments to players
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