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  2. tuxlan2112

    When a Youtuber tries to troll.

    He Just Wanted To Apply. Sure, Skeppy could have probably trolled if he got op. But what if he was going to do something nice, give him a chance. Also, I dont know why you think this is bad, he was just joking around, OK!
  3. BrandsPickled

    Sidrat105 Staff Applications

    Application Accepted. Member of staff will promote you to Trial Moderator
  4. Miny

    Sidrat105 Staff Applications

    Thanks for applying im pretty sure bran or one the staff in charge of reviewing apps will get you shortly regarding this. :)
  5. What is your in-game name? Sidrat105 How old are you? 17 What country are you currently living in? England. What language(s) can you speak? English. Do you own a microphone? No Do you have Discord? Yes What server do you play the most? Towny. Why have you to apply for staff ? I am applying for staff because I feel like high staff members are on more than lower ranking staff members. This may be a little scary for new players. Having a low ranking active staff member on, doing the small tasks would help the server a lot, I think. Have you received any punishments on KaosHub? I haven't and don't intend to any time soon. Why should we choose you to become staff? I have been quite active and have a lot of experience with being a staff member. I have spotted a few bugs already and could fix a lot more. Explain how you will help the KaosHub Community? I am quite active on the server. Although I keep to myself most of the time, if someone asks for help, I will do my best to help them. I could do this more efficiently if I had more permissions. Even without permissions, if I'm given a job list (of things I could do as a player), I would complete it. What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game? I had been a moderator on another server for about 2 years. That server is gone now, due to an abusive owner. (if you want more details, please ask) Is there anything else which you would like to add? If there are any questions you have, anything you feel I need to expand upon, please ask.
  6. Miny

    Build Battle March 24th

    This is the start of the Build Battles we will be having every week with a generous prizes. Here are some of the builds made during the Battle. The Build Battle lasted 50 minutes with the theme of Mesa Biome Congratulations xXGR3YH0UNDXx on winning & have fun spending the 1,000,000$ ;below is his build. This is a Build from o_Miny_o Showcasing a Tepee or a really bad volcano... This is the build from SurfGames: Showcasing a House inside of a Mesa Biome.
  7. WisdomGamer

    WisdomCity Redstone Circuitry

    Redstone circuits custom designed for city's public utiities (Free steak dispenser, mob grinder, enchantment table, etc.)

    © WisdomGamer

  8. WisdomGamer

    WisdomCity Hall #2

    © WisdomGamer

  9. WisdomGamer

    WisdomCity Main Hall #1

    © WisdomGamer

  10. WisdomGamer

    Public Enchantment Table

    © WisdomGamer

  11. WisdomGamer

    WisdomCity Spawn

    © WisdomGamer

  12. WisdomGamer

    WisdomCity Entrance #3

    © WisdomGamer

  13. WisdomGamer

    WisdomCity Entrance #2

    © WisdomGamer

  14. WisdomGamer

    WisdomCity Entrance #1

    © WisdomGamer

  15. Miny

    Honest Bray's Staff App

    ~Amazing *IGN ~Well thought out, and constructive Gameplay *GamerDaily ~Banana's *Miny
  16. WisdomGamer

    The Town of Wisdom City

    Quality town
  17. BraySwagTheUiltmate

    Honest Bray's Staff App

    I can kit KPI for my quoted daily ban target of 6 kids a day with ease if given the chance thanks to my rapid and prompt ability to type Ty for lovely comments
  18. c0nniie

    Honest Bray's Staff App

    "I can hit KPI targets" haha fucking brilliant. This is complete perfection.
  19. BraySwagTheUiltmate

    Honest Bray's Staff App

    What is your in-game name? Something I dunno anymore it's just a blur How old are you? Like 22 What country are you currently living in? You ask for truth but everyone says 'Straya is like not real or something struth ayyy. So the middle of the ocean apparently struth mate What timezone do you live in? +10:00 GMT What language(s) can you speak? English, Australian, moderately Amarican Do you own a microphone? Apparently Do you have Discord? I think so Why have you decided to apply for staff ? I need to spank naughty kids with the ban hammer (which I can't do with builder) and willing to do this within reason and not willy-nilly like most of the other people you let have OP permissions Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for our staff team? Soul less in my passion, enabling an appathetic ban with no emotional repercussions How long have you been playing KaosHub? Like almost as long as Bran himself Have you ever been banned or punished in the past? HA ONLY WHEN BRAN BALMES ME FOR BREAKING THE SERVER Do you have any previous experience in moderation a community/server? Yeet (yes) Is there anything else which you would like to add? I can hit KPI targets in a professional and informed manner, providing exelent customer experiance surounding all manners of available etiquettes. Boasting a strong ability to achieve and promote my adaptability further within all my available settings than my peers by a vast margin with little to no room for error, I strongly quote intellectual performances, vocal or physical, to those whom need it most, not only in prompt and due time, but with exelent re-capping and re-performing skills developed off shore in a boat full of migrants. A Couple Words To Finish hi my name is braydon or you can call me bray or brayd but my doctors like to call me brayden or bradon or brenden but I will accept "That Person" THANKS FOR CONSIDERING
  20. BraySwagTheUiltmate

    Peoples thoughts on the new logo?

    It's good for a meincraft server. Needs more humour if you have the time, but perfectly fine as it is
  21. BraySwagTheUiltmate

    Indieraseus Staff Applications

  22. Took me all day yesterday making this what are your thoughts on it!
  23. BrandsPickled

    Server Change Log | 18th March 2019

    Morning KaosCrafters! We have been busy! Recently we have done a lot of fixes and new stuff; - Disabled Certain Spawners so they wont break the economy system - Custom Enchants Fixed! - Minecart Removed from KaosLag - Players now can do /cr claim - Players now can place spawners. - Fixed Crate Rewards - Added Vote Keys to VoteParty - Towny Permissions Fixed - Fixed Saplings so they grow normal trees - Fixed KaosLag Message - Player Shops now open! /warp market - Fixed /Kit Tools & /Kit Food - Added a PlayerMention feature. When player in game mentions your name it will give you a XP sound - Lowered Towny Plot bonus prices.
  24. Brand new Profile and About Me, what do you think of it?  

    (´• ω •`) ♡ 
  25. BrandsPickled

    Town of Melanthos

    Think it needs a updated screenshot
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