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    When a Youtuber tries to troll.

    Well at 8:08 in the video this Famous Youtuber Skeppy came onto the server and he tried to get admin perms to troll but good old @Miny didnt allow that! Good job Miny
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    Sidrat105 Staff Applications

    Application Accepted. Member of staff will promote you to Trial Moderator
  3. Took me all day yesterday making this what are your thoughts on it!
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    Server Change Log | 18th March 2019

    Morning KaosCrafters! We have been busy! Recently we have done a lot of fixes and new stuff; - Disabled Certain Spawners so they wont break the economy system - Custom Enchants Fixed! - Minecart Removed from KaosLag - Players now can do /cr claim - Players now can place spawners. - Fixed Crate Rewards - Added Vote Keys to VoteParty - Towny Permissions Fixed - Fixed Saplings so they grow normal trees - Fixed KaosLag Message - Player Shops now open! /warp market - Fixed /Kit Tools & /Kit Food - Added a PlayerMention feature. When player in game mentions your name it will give you a XP sound - Lowered Towny Plot bonus prices.
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    Town of Melanthos

    Think it needs a updated screenshot
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    [MAXXYROY] WisdomGamer Suggestions Format

    We are currently working on this the /shop /sell will have every block item, so we have to work on the calculation and everything but it will be slowly getting there!
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    FakeVibe Staff Applications

    Thank you for the I we will get to you within by next week due to make interview questions and documentation! So you will hear from us soon! Many thanks Brandon
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    SurfGames Staff Application

    Thank you for the I we will get to you within by next week due to make interview questions and documentation! So you will hear from us soon! Many thanks Brandon
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    Indieraseus Staff Applications

    Thank you for the I we will get to you within by next week due to make interview questions and documentation! So you will hear from us soon! Many thanks Brandon
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    Server Change Log | 13th Feb 2019

    Somethings we have edited / changed: - Re-done Donator Ranks and Default Prefix - Changed Chat Layout - Removed Kills to McMMO in Scoreboard - Donators bypass chat timer - Respecterino Command (/f) - Use this when someone dies - Fixed Voting System - Fixed Vote Keys - Fixed Name on Scoreboard
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    [PENDING] WisdomGamer Suggestions Format

    I will look into this
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    When a Youtuber tries to troll.

    I agree. Skeppy video has been reported by some of the staff members and players for "Promotes hatred or violence" He just spreading hate to small servers
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    Connection issue

    Yeah this is related to Mojang as @c0nniie said, This is caused because of 1.13.2 so when 1.14 be coming it should be fixed!
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    Website Changelog

    A log of the servers updates. 12th March 2019 1.) Added all in game ranks to the website 2.) Colour coded the ranks on the website 3.) Edited some CSS of the theme of the website 4.) Banner picture of spawn updated to current verison 5.) Updated Formats on APPLY 6.) Added a Favicon 7.) Updated Minecraft Server Status on the Website 8). Added a New Discord Widget 9). Added Images to categories on forum
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    Finally Officially Open!

    We officially re-open on the 9th March 2019! Well... Its been amazing 3 days already! We reached over 15 players and still increasing! All I just want to say a really big thank you!! Thank you to @MaxRose, @c0nniie, @Miny and @GreyPilgrim228 for keep attacking me to work on the server because I always thought negative and that the server wont do well again like it did in the past with KaosCraft but These 4 Staff members have been attacking me and helping me develop the server which is KaosHub Today!! Big thank you to them! So whats next.... So we are still working hard together to make the server more fun and exciting for all players. Some features you will be seeing are the follow; Custom Dungeons that you will be able to run through kill the boss and collect Dungeon Coins (Custom Drops) and when you kill any of the bosses you will receive a Dungeon Key which allows you to open a Dungeon Crate which will give you Custom Loot! Crates. We will be finally working on crates as well so yes Voting crates will be coming out so you will get a key when you vote soon! But more crates will be coming like Event, Kaos, Dungeon crates. We just working on these so these wont break the economy! We are aiming so the server is a balanced economy. Quests. We will also be working on Quests so you will be able to get rewards when you do certain quests like cut a certain about of logs etc. So if you have any quest ideas please submit to [Hidden Content] Again really big thank you for support the server to who has donated and voting! This means a lot to me because seeing something successful! If you have any suggestions to add or change to the server please tell us at [Hidden Content] Many thanks Brandon
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    Skills Types

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    Good afternoon KaosCrafters. We are eventually going to add quests but we will need your help! Please suggest some Quests that we should code into the list. Example: Tier 1 = Chop 16 Logs = Reward: £250 Tier 2 = Chop 64 Logs = Reward: £1,000 Tier 3 = Chop 256 Logs = Reward £5,000 Tier 4 = Chop 512 Logs = Reward £10,000 Tier 5 = Chop 1024 = Reward Diamond Axe | Unbreaking X | Efficiency 5 | Fortune 2
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    Custom Enchantments List

    Swords Withering - Chance to apply withering EggHunter - Gives you a chance to get mob eggs Poisonous - Gives you a chance to apply poison Lifesteal - Gives you a chance to steal some of the enemy's hp Paralyze - Gives a chance to apply slowness and blindness Experience - Gives you more experience from killing mobs Beheading - Gives you a chance to get player heads Blindness - Gives you a chance to apply blindenss to enemys DeathBringer - Does more damage to players ShardFinder - Gives you a higher chance to get enchant shards. IceAspect - Gives you a chance to freeze your enemy's Worms - Gives you a chance to apply hunger to enemy's Unarmored - Gives you a chance to take off a piece of an enemy's armor XPSteal - Gives you a chance to steal your enemy's experience Tools Expedition - Gives you extra XP for mining Haste - Whenever you hold the tool it gives you haste OreMagnet - Makes ores pop into your inventory Reward - Gives you a chance to earn some cool rewards when mining Crushed - Gives you haste when mining obsidian Bows QuickDraw - Makes arrows shoot faster EggShooter - Joke enchant makes you shoot eggs Direct Impact - Makes you negate armor damage EnderShot - Makes you shoot an enderpearl 10 second cooldown Restoration - Its essentially a lifesteal for bows Armour Abandon - You have a chance to get speed when getting hit Absorb - You have a chance to cancel a hit of damage Enderborn - You have a chance to get an enderpearl back after throwing it Fireproof - Negates all fire damage Glowing - Gives you nightvision HealthBoost - Increases your health Jump - Gives you jumpboost Molten - Has a chance to catch an enemy on fire after hitting you PoisonProtection - Negates poison damage Replenish - Gives you regeneration Saturation - Never eat again ShockAbsorb - Never take fall damage Speed - Applies speed boost Juggernaut - Gives you resistence Beast - Gives you strength Undead - Negates mob damage unless you hit them
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    How to do Coloured Nicknames

    Insert a space after the "/nick" command. Type "&" followed by a number between 0 and 9 or a letter from a to f. This two-character combination is the code determining the nickname's colour. Type your chosen nickname directly after the color code. For instance, the entire sequence should look like this: "/nick &6Bran". This example code would show your name as "Bran" and coloured gold. To make it bold "THICC" you do the following "/nick &6&lBran". This example code would show your name as "Bran" and coloured gold. Press the "Return" or "Enter" button. Your Minecraft nickname should now display in the coded colour.
  20. Servers are getting somewhere now! Pretty exciting!!! Been updating a lot of the spreadsheet for staff!!!

  21. What is your in-game name? BrandsPickled How old are you? 21 What country are you currently living in? UK What language(s) can you speak? English Do you own a microphone? Yes Do you have Discord? Yes What server do you play the most? Towny What platform you applying on? Youtube Twitch Facebook Twitter How many subscribers/followers/likes does your selected platform have? Youtube: 93 Subscribers Twitch: 775 Twitter: 514 Facebook: 8 What are your average views on per video? I get around 30-50 Views per video How many viewers do you have roughly per stream? I get around 2-5 Viewers in the Stream How many likes does your post normally get? I get around 2-5 Likes on my Tweets and Posts What are your social media links [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  22. Finally got everything running!!

    1. Isyraq illiyas

      Isyraq illiyas

      Congrats have fun