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  1. Miny

    Sidrat105 Staff Applications

    Thanks for applying im pretty sure bran or one the staff in charge of reviewing apps will get you shortly regarding this. :)
  2. Miny

    Build Battle March 24th

    This is the start of the Build Battles we will be having every week with a generous prizes. Here are some of the builds made during the Battle. The Build Battle lasted 50 minutes with the theme of Mesa Biome Congratulations xXGR3YH0UNDXx on winning & have fun spending the 1,000,000$ ;below is his build. This is a Build from o_Miny_o Showcasing a Tepee or a really bad volcano... This is the build from SurfGames: Showcasing a House inside of a Mesa Biome.
  3. Miny

    Honest Bray's Staff App

    ~Amazing *IGN ~Well thought out, and constructive Gameplay *GamerDaily ~Banana's *Miny
  4. Miny

    Town of Melanthos

    If you like what you see type: /t Join Melanthos