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  1. What is your in-game name? subzero69 How old are you? 39 What country are you currently living in? united states of america What language(s) can you speak? english Do you own a microphone? Yes Do you have Discord? Yes What server do you play the most? player versus enviroment towny Why have you to apply for staff ? The reason why i have applied for staff is because i can be a role model for all players and be helpful for everyone i am self-iniative dependable and a team player and a dedicated player as well Have you received any punishments on KaosHub? i was falsely banned because the former staff griefed my house coz the mayor of the town i used to be in was a staff member and baniped for arguing with staff Why should we choose you to become staff? i am a role model for all players i listne to both side of the story i and dependable self-inative respectable team player willing to take in critism and to work alongside with current staff members and help regular players Explain how you will help the KaosHub Community? i memorize a town and i know when someone griefed and i punish the guilty accordingly to the crime and keep the server safe and intact from all rule breakers and vote and advertise this server as well and come up with suggestions and make this server glorious What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game? i have 2 years experience of being helper and 2 years experience of being moderator and currently a few months or more of beign admin on two towny servers Is there anything else which you would like to add? The onyl thing i would like to add is to be given a chance and a opportunity to prove myself to the owner and the current staff team.side note: i will be 40 in apirl 27 1978 and i have discord on my cellphone wth a working mic thats the only mic i have working