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  1. What is your in-game name? Indieraseus How old are you? 16 What country are you currently living in? USA What language(s) can you speak? English Do you own a microphone? Yes Do you have Discord? Yes What server do you play the most? Towny Why have you to apply for staff ? Because i can bring a lot to this server and i can be the best staff that the owner has ever seen. Have you received any punishments on KaosHub? No. Why should we choose you to become staff? Because i have a lot of experience in staffing on servers, and i can insure that there is nothing but maturity on the staff team. Explain how you will help the KaosHub Community? Insuring that there is no form of cheating, exploiting, and that there is nothing but positivity and fun. What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game? I own an HCF server that is quite active and with a good staff team. I manage servers well and moderate them well. Is there anything else which you would like to add? If possible, i'd like to apply for administrator on the server.