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    Honest Bray's Staff App

    I can kit KPI for my quoted daily ban target of 6 kids a day with ease if given the chance thanks to my rapid and prompt ability to type Ty for lovely comments
  2. BraySwagTheUiltmate

    Honest Bray's Staff App

    What is your in-game name? Something I dunno anymore it's just a blur How old are you? Like 22 What country are you currently living in? You ask for truth but everyone says 'Straya is like not real or something struth ayyy. So the middle of the ocean apparently struth mate What timezone do you live in? +10:00 GMT What language(s) can you speak? English, Australian, moderately Amarican Do you own a microphone? Apparently Do you have Discord? I think so Why have you decided to apply for staff ? I need to spank naughty kids with the ban hammer (which I can't do with builder) and willing to do this within reason and not willy-nilly like most of the other people you let have OP permissions Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for our staff team? Soul less in my passion, enabling an appathetic ban with no emotional repercussions How long have you been playing KaosHub? Like almost as long as Bran himself Have you ever been banned or punished in the past? HA ONLY WHEN BRAN BALMES ME FOR BREAKING THE SERVER Do you have any previous experience in moderation a community/server? Yeet (yes) Is there anything else which you would like to add? I can hit KPI targets in a professional and informed manner, providing exelent customer experiance surounding all manners of available etiquettes. Boasting a strong ability to achieve and promote my adaptability further within all my available settings than my peers by a vast margin with little to no room for error, I strongly quote intellectual performances, vocal or physical, to those whom need it most, not only in prompt and due time, but with exelent re-capping and re-performing skills developed off shore in a boat full of migrants. A Couple Words To Finish hi my name is braydon or you can call me bray or brayd but my doctors like to call me brayden or bradon or brenden but I will accept "That Person" THANKS FOR CONSIDERING
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    Peoples thoughts on the new logo?

    It's good for a meincraft server. Needs more humour if you have the time, but perfectly fine as it is
  4. BraySwagTheUiltmate

    Indieraseus Staff Applications

  5. i want to break the server

    1. BraySwagTheUiltmate


      plz pretty plz i swear i won't break the server while i break the server i swer!