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EXAMPLE = BrandsPickled Builder Applications

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  • What is your in-game name?
  • How old are you?
  • What country are you currently living in?
    United Kingdom
  • What language(s) can you speak?
  • Do you own a microphone?
  • Do you have Discord?
  • What server do you play the most?
  • Why have you to apply for Builder?
    I am applying for Builder because I was recommend by one of the Head Builders to apply because some of my builds in survival has impressed the builders and the community of the server, So I would like to expand my builds and help the staff with builds to expand the server and make it more fun!
  • Have you received any punishments on KaosHub?
    Yes, I have been kicked once from OllieT98 for spamming in chat couple of months ago because I was excited what I got in the Vote Crate.
  • Why should we choose you to become a Builder for KaosHub?
    I think that you should choose me to be builder because I will always follow orders and work as fast as I can to complete task quicker for projects.
  • Explain how you will help the KaosHub Community?
    I will help KaosHub with helping with Projects like Mob Arenas, PVP Arenas and many more, to make the community have fun!
  • Show some images of your builds with proof you built it





  • Is there anything else which you would like to add?

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