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Kaos OP-Prison

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Welcome to Kaos OP-Prison, come back regular to see the current updates for the prison server.

To Do List:

  • Build Spawn
  • Program Ranks
  • Build Black Market
  • Build All Mines
  • Create Player Plots


This list will be edited as and when tasks have been complete. The list may also be edited with NEW tasks as the build progresses. Please be patient and watch the space for screenshots of current development. If there are certain features that you would like to see in Kaos OP-Prison comment them below, we will review your ideas and may look to implement them into the new server. 

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Whats Has been done:

  • Ranks be added onto a spreadsheet and been double checked with @Ollie_T98 and now we just need to code them on to the server.
  • Plugins has been installed just need coding.


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