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You can buy a rank to upgrade your account and get it instantly in-game with amazing perks!! www.kaoshub.co.uk/mc/store

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KaosHubMC Server OPEN!

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Hello KaosHub Players,

We are now officially open, the hub is now open!

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Towny is the only server which is open on the server as well as the Lobby but we are working on two servers right now @Ollie_T98 is curretly working on the Prison server and I am working on the Skyblock server.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I am staff will I be staff on all servers.

A: You wont be staff on all servers sadly but you will be staff on the Lobby and two other servers. Example @Ollie_T98 will be staff on Lobby, Towny and Prison


Q: Can I transfer my rank from Towny to Factions

A: Yes you will be able to but you will need to connect to Discord to talk to a staff member.


Q: Why was the server down for longer then 48 hours?

A: The server was down more then 48 hours because we did some changes to the website, so now its HTTPS domain as well as we needed to update the application to make it compatible with all servers


Q: Will you have multiple staff ranks if I am a Trial Mod?

A: Unfortunately you will not have multiple staff ranks because you are on a trial but when you get promoted you will be asked what other server you would like to be a Moderator on.


Q: Why cant I vote?

A: You cant vote at this current time because we want to publish all servers before advertising so its not fake advertisement.



Website Updated Secured/HTTPS

Towny Less Laggy and TPS is playable now

Custom Rewards in Lobby you can earn when voting (Voting isnt up yet)

Music / Radio in the Lobby - More songs.

Report/Ticket system in game what leads to website

Staff now help with tickets and bans online.

High staff will have access to servers to restart servers if needed!


To Do

Re-organize the web-store to make it compatible for all servers

Add Donation ranks/perks to the lobby

Status of servers on website



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