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Isyraq illiyas

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So here's few things i'm currently being forbidden to do by the server

with my rank which is Helper Rank.

- I can't connect to skyblock server.

- The server has changed to BungeeCord so the votifier is reseted and i can't vote.

- I can't use /nick on towny.Network Manager Blocked me.

- Players can fly on /hub?

- [Towny Server] i can't get other player skull using /skull instead it gave me my own skull.





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1. You cannot connect to any other server apart from Towny because they are currently being coded or built.



2. You cannot vote because we havent published any of the servers on voting websites because we dont want to advertise the server when the features are not there.

3. Nicknaming has now been fixed

4. Players are allowed fly in the lobby.

5. Skull command been fixed /skull [name]



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