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Good afternoon KaosCrafters.

We are eventually going to add quests but we will need your help! 

Please suggest some Quests that we should code into the list.



Tier 1 = Chop 16 Logs = Reward: £250

Tier 2 = Chop 64 Logs = Reward: £1,000

Tier 3 = Chop 256 Logs = Reward £5,000

Tier 4 = Chop 512 Logs = Reward £10,000

Tier 5 = Chop 1024 = Reward Diamond Axe | Unbreaking X | Efficiency 5 | Fortune 2

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Although I don't know any idea for rewards, but you should add categories such as:


  • Monster hunting
  • Mining stone/coal/iron/gold/lapis/diamond/emerald and such
  • Killing bosses - dungeons maybe?
  • Crafting rare items?
  • MCMMO checkpoints
  • Skill levels: each stat type to a certain point gets a reward path?


These are a few I came up with, hope I helped you out :D

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