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Custom Enchantments List

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Withering - Chance to apply withering

EggHunter - Gives you a chance to get mob eggs

Poisonous - Gives you a chance to apply poison

Lifesteal - Gives you a chance to steal some of the enemy's hp

Paralyze - Gives a chance to apply slowness and blindness

Experience - Gives you more experience from killing mobs

Beheading - Gives you a chance to get player heads

Blindness - Gives you a chance to apply blindenss to enemys

DeathBringer - Does more damage to players

ShardFinder - Gives you a higher chance to get enchant shards.

IceAspect - Gives you a chance to freeze your enemy's

Worms - Gives you a chance to apply hunger to enemy's

Unarmored - Gives you a chance to take off a piece of an enemy's armor

XPSteal - Gives you a chance to steal your enemy's experience



Expedition - Gives you extra XP for mining

Haste - Whenever you hold the tool it gives you haste

OreMagnet - Makes ores pop into your inventory

Reward - Gives you a chance to earn some cool rewards when mining

Crushed - Gives you haste when mining obsidian



QuickDraw - Makes arrows shoot faster

EggShooter - Joke enchant makes you shoot eggs

Direct Impact - Makes you negate armor damage

EnderShot - Makes you shoot an enderpearl 10 second cooldown

Restoration - Its essentially a lifesteal for bows



Abandon - You have a chance to get speed when getting hit 

Absorb - You have a chance to cancel a hit of damage

Enderborn - You have a chance to get an enderpearl back after throwing it

Fireproof - Negates all fire damage

Glowing - Gives you nightvision

HealthBoost - Increases your health

Jump - Gives you jumpboost

Molten - Has a chance to catch an enemy on fire after hitting you

PoisonProtection - Negates poison damage

Replenish - Gives you regeneration

Saturation - Never eat again

ShockAbsorb - Never take fall damage

Speed - Applies speed boost

Juggernaut - Gives you resistence

Beast - Gives you strength

Undead - Negates mob damage unless you hit them

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