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Finally Officially Open!

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We officially re-open on the 9th March 2019! Well... Its been amazing 3 days already! We reached over 15 players and still increasing! All I just want to say a really big thank you!!

Thank you to @MaxRose, @c0nniie, @Miny and @GreyPilgrim228 for keep attacking me to work on the server because I always thought negative and that the server wont do well again like it did in the past with KaosCraft but These 4 Staff members have been attacking me and helping me develop the server which is KaosHub Today!! Big thank you to them!

So whats next.... So we are still working hard together to make the server more fun and exciting for all players. Some features you will be seeing are the follow;

  • Custom Dungeons that you will be able to run through kill the boss and collect Dungeon Coins (Custom Drops) and when you kill any of the bosses you will receive a Dungeon Key which allows you to open a Dungeon Crate which will give you Custom Loot!
  • Crates. We will be finally working on crates as well so yes Voting crates will be coming out so you will get a key when you vote soon! But more crates will be coming like Event, Kaos, Dungeon crates. We just working on these so these wont break the economy! We are aiming so the server is a balanced economy.
  • Quests. We will also be working on Quests so you will be able to get rewards when you do certain quests like cut a certain about of logs etc. So if you have any quest ideas please submit to https://www.kaoshub.co.uk/topic/26-quests/

Again really big thank you for support the server to who has donated and voting! This means a lot to me because seeing something successful! 

If you have any suggestions to add or change to the server please tell us at https://www.kaoshub.co.uk/application/form/10-suggestions-format/


Many thanks


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Woohoo 2nd on the mentions list... making my way up in the world bois😂😂

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