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Server Change Log | 18th March 2019

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Morning KaosCrafters! We have been busy! Recently we have done a lot of fixes and new stuff;

- Disabled Certain Spawners so they wont break the economy system

- Custom Enchants Fixed!

- Minecart Removed from KaosLag

- Players now can do /cr claim

- Players now can place spawners.

- Fixed Crate Rewards

- Added Vote Keys to VoteParty

- Towny Permissions Fixed

- Fixed Saplings so they grow normal trees

- Fixed KaosLag Message

- Player Shops now open! /warp market

- Fixed /Kit Tools & /Kit Food

- Added a PlayerMention feature. When player in game mentions your name it will give you a XP sound

- Lowered Towny Plot bonus prices.


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